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client says 'thumbs up colour match'

Happy client says ‘thumbs up to excellent colour match’

Hi my names Marnie I live in poole I’ve always had balmain bonded hair extensions i fancied a change so opted for the elite range of nano rings, their amazing I’m so pleased I’ve had layers cut in them for a soft natural look. Also to custom match the colour to my hair they used 5 different tones of hair extensions. Which blend in perfectly my consultation was simple and the girl who fitted them was friendly and explained how to brush and look after them, they will definitely be staying!!! Thanks love them!!

Marnie Anderson, Poole

 How to take a hair sample for colour matching

If you have more than one tone or colour in your hair then send samples of each one up to a maximum of 3. If you have different underneath send a sample of that too.

For the main colour sample, or if you are only one colour or tone, take your sample from the hair that lies on the surface of your current style. If you take it from underneath where you think it won’t show as missing it will probably be a different tone and may cause a bad colour match.

Mark the sample that shows your main colour with – MAIN COLOUR

Mark each of the other samples accordingly – UNDERNEATH, SIDES, LOWLIGHT, HIGHLIGHT etc, whatever applies.


Please send a photo to This is essential to give the overall impression and we use it alongside the samples. If you have a root colour that you want picking up in the extensions make sure the photo shows this and tell us how much you want to have of that tone.

If you have some extensions that you believe to be a good match send one of those too. I cannot match only to an extension though.

Using scissors as if they were a razor, feather off a piece of hair from the ends.

Take a piece that’s approximately as long as your thumb and about half as wide as a pencil. Bear in mind I can’t work with a few hairs. I need enough to show the colour and tone accurately. Here are examples.


Example of a bad sample


Example of good sample


Tape it to a piece of paper but leave plenty of hair below the tape. I cannot match it through the tape as it changes the colour. Write your full name clearly on the paper.

If you have any queries please let me know.


Send by 1st Class recorded post to:


Linda Hamilton-Ross

15 Orchard Close


BH24 1LP


NB if your sample is urgent and we need to receive it tomorrow send by  Royal Mail Special Delivery Guaranteed Next Day. Make sure it is guaranteed. Should cost around £7.



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