Hair Types

We’ve noticed that most of you want a fitting that looks natural, as if you had grown this marvelous hair yourself……

If you want great, natural looking hair extensions then it’s vital that you choose the right hair type that matches your own natural hair.

It doesn’t matter if your hair is thick and wavy or thin and poker straight, here at Mobile Hair Extensions UK we have a hair type to suit everyone.

You need never have a bad hair day again!

You can choose from our extensive range of hair types and you can rest assured that it will be real, human hair of the highest quality that is guaranteed to last. Whether you want full on glamour, or a sleeker look we’ve got the answer.

Indian Remy

First Steps - De Luxe Indian Remy

Easy to straighten but dries with a gentle wave if you want to wash and go.
Thick to the bottom, no straggly ends and rat tails.
Lasts up to 12 months if you follow our Aftercare Instructions and Product Advice

Indian Temple Hair

Indian Temple natural wave

Pre-virgin hair that’s only been lightly processed and coloured once for our preference.
Dries with a fabulous, curly wave – photo above has only been dried naturally.
Includes 20% more hair than normal! ideal for those wanting to match thick hair
Lasting 12 – 18 months if our advice is followed.


Brazilian Hair
Brazilian Bodywave


Natural, gentle wave but suitable for straightening.
Speciality hair with glossy finish and a high quality feel.
Thick from root to tip so keeps a full look all the way down
Lasting 12 – 18 months when cared for as we advise.


Celebrity Russian Hair
Celebrity Russian


A gorgeous river of silk, worn by many celebrities such as….
Alesha Dixon, Michelle Keegan, Cheryl Cole, Morgan Taylor, Paloma Faith… and many more.
Truly the best of the best, a smooth, straight hair with a delicate feel.
Comes in a variety of subtle colours, most are mixed to give an outstandingly natural look.
Keeps its volume to the bottom and lasts 12 – 18 months.
Cannot be beaten!



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