Maintenance and Removal Prices 2017

These are the current prices for maintenance and removal services. There have been some increases but all remain exceptionally good value for money. Remember our maintenance practise is the unique ‘Extra Mile Programme’ where we do a full removal and refit at a much reduced price means that, when you use our magical product range, your hair will not need replacing for close on 12 months.

LA Weave  £95 – the whole fitting is moved up every time.

Individual strands – micro or nano

FULL HEAD (140 – 150 bonds) £139 for full move up; £95 half head move up

THREE QUARTER HEAD (120-130 bonds) £125

PARTIAL HEAD (100-110 bonds) £115

EXTRA VOLUME FITTINGS – If you have extra hair added over and above 150 bonds the price will increase by £20 per extra pack for the full head move up and £10 per extra pack for the half head move up.

REMOVAL £45 for first hour then £10 per quarter hour after that. Most normal removals are done within the hour. Only if there is matting will it run over.

All new fittings continue to be priced individually as we tailor them to suit your needs but this guide to maintenance prices should be helpful.

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