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You are unique!

And because your own hair and the results you are looking for are also unique we specialise in tailoring your hair extension fitting to exactly what you need.

We are not a one trick pony! Only offering you one type of hair and one or two fitting methods.

We want you to have exactly what is right for you and so we have worked hard to compile a fine collection of simply heavenly hair types and the safest, most comfortable fitting methods available.

Browse our hair collection and then take a quick look at what we offer to find a fitting methods you’re interested in and then we can discuss your options and the prices for each one.

Don’t worry if you’re still not sure what is right for you. Just call or fill in the form for a quote and together we can discover the right solution for you.

Be Transformed


Please take a look at our “what we offer” page to see the wide variety of hair types we can fit and methods of fitting.

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