I have been wanting to grow my hair for a couple of years, but couldn’t cope with the in between stage. The solution has been hair extensions-I had a consultation with Mobile Hair Extensions UK & felt really confident that my hair extension specialist knew exactly what I wanted. I am absolutely delighted…..they look amazing, the colour match is faultless and the overall look is very natural. Even when my own hair has grown, I think I will keep a few extensions just to keep the volume.

Julie, Poole

As I’m a keen horse rider I thought hair extensions might be a nuisance but have found they are no trouble at all. And I love the look.

Vicky, Elstree

I’ve always wanted to look like a Disney Princess and now, with my hair extensions, I do. My hair is very fine and blonde so the hair extensions help in every way…giving body, length and volume.

Layla, Highcliffe

I would like to say it took me a long time to decide whether to have extensions put in, I am so glad I did!! I had an inverted bob that was growing out but was impatient and wanted long hair now, so chose to go for extensions. They are fantastic and I have had many comments about how natural they look and how well they match my hair colouring. As long as you follow the advice given the aftercare is easy, and it behaves just as it would if it was naturally that length.

Debbie, Gosport

Thanks to Mobile Hair Extensions UK I now feel like a new woman with my long hair. Great after care help and a very friendly service. Thank you!

Adella, Taunton

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