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You might think all hair extension products will keep your hair looking good for a long time. However it’s not true. So I created my own range to give you a long lasting, affordable look that you want to keep. It’s been totally amazing in its results. Queries about hair condition have dropped to zero!

The HairForever range is exclusive to Mobile Hair Extensions UK so you can’t buy them elsewhere. However you can order the products even if you don’t have your extensions done with us. I’m keen to help everyone who wears extensions.

Decide what you want and then text or email me. You might even get them the next day.

Linda –  Mob: 07779647642


The 4 Step Product Regime that guarantees long life for your extensions.

 cover-photo-facebook-page-square-and-resized  Extension Safe Shampoo

Step One

It’s really important to use a special shampoo. And here’s why …  Normal shampoos are made for normal hair growing out of your head and fed by special oils from the cuticle. So all that’s needed is a top up product, taking into account the nourishment it’s already getting. Your extensions are stone dead! They need more help.

Even more importantly the oils and conditioners used in normal shampoos may break down the glue involved in your extension fitting. This is not just if they’re glued in. The tip of your micro ring extensions is also made from glue. And if that begins to break down it will fall out more easily and you won’t be able to re-use it after a time. Once the damage is causes it will not return to normal and it’s an instant chemical reaction. No good saying I only left it on for a few moments.

£13.99 250 ml

£6.99 100ml travel size

 Tip: Keep a travel size in your car or bag. Then if you unexpectedly stay away or need to wash your hair at the gym you have the right shampoo.



“This shampoo has saved me pounds in top up hair. I didn’t realise until Linda told me that my normal shampoo was damaging my stick tips. Even though it was an expensive one. Now all of my extensions last up to a year.” Maureen Malcolms, Bournemouth



cover-photo-facebook-page-square-and-resized  Pot Of Magic

Step Two

The prize product of the whole range. Stops excessive bond loss. Protects your hair as well as the extensions. No fluffiness, no dull, dry looking hair, no tangling and definitely no split ends.  And it’s a dual purpose product. Saves money as you don’t need to buy two different products.

First use it as a conditioner whenever you wash your hair. Towel dry your hair, apply sparingly and rinse off after 5 minutes. My advice is to wash 2 to 3 times a week. Less than that will cause problems as your hair will be missing the nourishment it needs. More than that is unnecessary and wasteful of time and product.

Second use it every 10 to 14 days as a deep treatment. Apply as before but leave on for a couple of hours. This is part of the the product regime that will keep your extensions lasting up to a year. Don’t miss it out. Nothing I’ve ever tried matches this product in effectiveness. All my family use it and we don’t even wear extensions.

£16.99 100ml

£29.99 250ml

Tip: The Big Pot Of Magic is more than twice the size of the little one but only half the price. Using that one will save you money. 



“I couldn’t be without it! I’d cry if you stopped selling it. It makes my hair and the extensions look like real hair.” Claire Pragnell, Havant



cover-photo-facebook-page-square-and-resized Daily Spray

Step Three

Another key to keeping glorious looking hair is to keep it fed! It’s like a baby. Things go bad if you miss a feed. So I recommend you use this spray every day. It’s a leave in conditioner and can be used on dry hair. Containing the lovely argan oil, it provides nutrients for your hair as well as giving it a coating to seal in the moisture. Another important part of the regime.

£16.99 250ml

£6.99 100ml travel size

Tip: Keep a travel spray in your bag so you can refresh while you’re out or at work. Clients say it’s like a pick me up for you as well as your hair. 



I love the daily spray. It makes my hair soft and silky and I’m sure it helps it to last longer. I don’t have any matting since I started using it.” Charlene Jones, Swindon



cover-photo-facebook-page-square-and-resized Instant Silk

Step Four

Have you ever applied a serum for split ends and you just get split ends with oil on top? Well this isn’t one of those. It isn’t a serum or oil. It is a hair smoother, not a serum or oil. It is all absorbed instantly and feels just like silk immediately. Doesn’t build up at all so never makes your hair look lank or oily. Best of all you only use it where you see a problem. Some days you won’t use it at all. Apply it very sparingly.

I created this product when a couple of my clients mentioned that extensions, being human hair, reacted to the weather just like your own does. In other words some days can be bad hair days. I was horrified.  None of my clients should have bad hair days. So I searched and searched for answers and Instant Silk was born.

£16.99 100ml

Tip: Use it on your own hair too. Especially if your hair is damaged at the ends. This will help create a really good blend.



“I’ve used lots of serums and oils on the ends but this is the first one to make a difference. Usually it’s still frizzy underneath the oil! The name is great. It does make it silky right away and it’s not oily at all” Veronica Aldon, Gosport



 cover-photo-facebook-page-square-and-resized The Four Step Regime Kit

To start you off with everything you need for essential care I’ve put together a kit containing each product. The sprays are included in handbag size so you’re ready straight away to follow my tips for this product. By buying everything together you get the chance to try it all from the outset so you experience the results for yourself. AND I’ve given you a 10% discount. 

Value: £51.95

Special Kit Price: £47 


Additional products in the range

Solutions for your individual requirements

 nplex  Nplex Advanced Strength Builder

You know that annoying position where your hair will just not get any longer? You’ve been growing it for ages but it won’t get down below your shoulders, or wherever its sticking point is. Or your sides are always much shorter than the rest and won’t do as you tell it.

The cause of this is quite simply microscopic breakage at the ends of your hair. It happens to us all to some degree. If you’re heat treating your hair it will happen more. But Nplex solves this problem easily. Based on the latest enzyme technology this product actually goes inside the hair cells to make actual repairs! In other words it’s like sending in Bob the Builder with his toolbag in one hand and monkey wrench in the other. He will get the job done. Other products that we use are more like sending in Jeeves the Butler with a tray of comfort food. Both are great but the former is what makes permanent changes.

Here’s my story. I always test any product before offering it for sale. While using Nplex my fringe grew from just a tad above my eyebrow to touching my lashes (eyes open) in only 10 days!!! Who knew fringes were breaking off?

Angela Collins, a client from Aldershot, had very thick hair that wouldn’t grow past her ears at the sides so it bounced up like a mushroom if we didn’t use the thinning scissors on it lavishly. After using Nplex this hair grew in only a couple of months to nearly her jaw. No need for thinning any more as the weight of the hair now let it lay properly close to the head.

£19.50 100ml 

Tip: Use to the end of the first bottle to get full results and then use your second and future bottles at a maintenance rate, not every wash. This will keep your hair from breaking again but cost you less. 



I’ve always thought my hair didn’t grow until I used this. Now it’s like anybody else’s hair and has got down past my shoulders. First time in my life. Worth the money to have hair like everybody else.” Samantha Wield, Bracknell



cover-photo-facebook-page-square-and-resized Revive Shampoo

This is a secret. Don’t tell everyone.

Hair products always leave a build up. Always. And if you never remove it your hair will gradually become dull and maybe lank from the heaviness of all that product. My Revive shampoo is formulated to gently clear away all that residue without affecting your colour or the condition of your hair. You will be so suprised at how light your hair feels and behaves once you’ve spring cleaned it. It curls more easily, lays nicer and feels clean and light. It’s not common for us to use a clarifying shampoo regularly but it should be!

£13.99 250ml

Tip: This is the real secret part. Shhh! It’s essential to use two applications of shampoo, as you know. If you always use Revive for your first wash and your Extension Safe shampoo for the second you will NEVER get a build up at all. Anything you’ve used on your hair since the last wash will be dissolved and washed away with your first shampoo this time. It won’t cost more. Both will last twice as long.



It really works on that product build up that collects above your micro ring. It always took so much longer at maintenance to tease it out. And I noticed more hair loss until I began to use this as Linda recommends. Every wash as the first application.” Sarah Vollaton, Yeovil



cover-photo-facebook-page-square-and-resized  Argan Shampoo

Sometimes you might need some extra nourishment for your hair. If you do then Argan Shampoo is the perfect tool for the job. You would simply use your Extension Safe Shampoo on the root area to safeguard your bonds and then add the Argan shampoo to the mid sections and ends. It can behave like a rescue shampoo for times when you may have been in situations that dry your hair such as on holiday’s abroad or heat waves at home.

£13.99 250ml

£6.99 100ml travel size

Tip: Keep a travel size in hand for when those repair needs arise. 



Love it. I would miss my argan oil if I didn’t use this shampoo now and again.” Fiona Marshall, Poole




This is an exclusive range and is not available anywhere else online.

 You don’t need to be one of my extension clients to order products. I’m happy to help every extension wearer. 

Don’t forget to send me your testimonials to encourage everyone else. I want everyone to have affordable extensions.